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Graphic Designer, SVA MFA Design 2014

Designer & Human

Feel Desain is a blog magazine, daily updated with at least six new posts. Feel Desain offers a fresh insight into the emerging design scena

Toronto Design Studio. Open all night.

Graphic designer living in Melbourne, Australia. I collect and obsess over pretty much anything. www.goodbye-moderation.com

Architecture student

Multi-disciplinary graphic designer — specialising in brand identity, art direction & design.


Hello there! You can call me Scrib. I'm a designer & illustrator. I create because I was made in the image of the Creator.

Masochistic tendencies involving a Mac and a swatch book, and loving it!

Interactive Director at Loaded For Bear / Co-Owner of Future-Everything / Producer of TEHKAL

Pictogram & Icon Designer based in Hamburg, Germany. Also sharing on www.pinterest.com/saschaelmers

Lettering artist and graphic designer working with clients around the world