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Designspiration is a visual bookmarking tool. Save creative ideas, inspiration, colors, links, notes and screenshots from the web.

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Features to help you
brainstorm visually

Save Images

Bookmark Websites

Capture Screenshots

Write Notes & Ideas

Save Images

Easily save images from any website to your Collections. Add tags, edit titles, and find similar images. We’ll help analyze the image behind the scenes for future ideas & inspiration.

Colors and palettes are extracted from each image to help you discover new inspiration.

Bookmark Websites

When you come across a link you want to remember, bookmark it to your Designspiration account. The link will always take you back to the page you’ve saved. All bookmarks are private by default.

Upgrade to Pro to start using Bookmarks.

Capture Screenshots

Have you ever come across an interface that you love? Easily capture a screenshot of the entire page or a cropped screenshot of the element so you can rediscover it later.

Upgrade to Pro to start using Screenshots.

Write Notes & Ideas

We’ve added notes to help keep your ideas and inspiration in one place. Write quick ideas from a brainstorm without leaving the source of inspiration.

Upgrade to Pro to start using Notes.

Add ability to skip requirement of saving to a collection.

Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due every day.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

How to Install & Use the Extension

Choose your browser

Install the browser extension, then click the icon in your browser to begin using.

Select images, capture screenshots, bookmark links, and write notes from anywhere.

Choose a collection to save to.