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My self Ishu Nanda from Himacal Pardesh doing MBA in business studies.

मैं आज आपने बारे मे आपको पुरी तरह से बताऊंगा के कैसे मे आपने जिंदगी शून्य से उठकर यहां तक पहंचा हूँ। मेरा नाम डॉ. अमित शर्मा है मैंने पीएचडी के पढ़ाई कलिफोर्निआ यूनिवर्सिटी अमेरिका से २००९ मे की है. मैं शेयर मार्किट मे जयादा पैसा लगता हूँ आज मेरे पास ५ बिलियन की सम्पति है जिसका मे आपके भगवान को शय देता हूँ। मैं अपनी जिंदगी से बहुत खुश हूँ।

Hi I am Jennifer Moore from USA. I am working as Project Manager in USA.My hobbies are listening to music,football,dancing,reading books etc

Abogado y mediador en ejercicio desde enero del año 2003. Soy un abogado vocacional, un apasionado del Derecho y de la Justicia –esa que solo en contadas ocasiones vemos brillar en nuestros juzgados

I am shiana from USA, I am working as software engineer in Houston

Hi I am Lynne Bailey from USA. I am working as a Business Analyst in USA.My hobbies are listening to music,football,dancing,reading.

I am kate from USA, i am working as digital marketing at

Hi, I am Maryam. I am living in Dalas, Texas. I am cool by nature. By professionally i am working in HUD Homestore

sencilla, muy simpatica y solidaria. Soy Natali, estudio enfermeria. amo los animales y la naturaleza. Paz♥

Hi i am stephan, i am working as therapist at My hobbies are music, football, swimming and exploring new places.

John Wilson here. I am Professional Graphic designer in Toronto, Canada.

Hi, This is Matthew Tweedie. I am hypnosis in Adelaide. I am very honest for my clients. I am working on Quit smoking.

Hi I am Luiza from USA, I am model by profession, my hobbies are swimming, dancing, clubing, night parties and making new friends.

I am Khushwant content writer for learn4code.

Hi, I am Jacob. I am living in Canada. I am cool by nature. By professionally i am working in class in session.

Hi, I am Nick Farmer from UK. I m 25 years. I have own Ayurveda company. In which our company provide digestive enzymes uk. They are deal di

Hi, This is White Parker. I am very cool by nature.I am very honest about my work and very hard working.

Graphic designer and Illustrator living in the District. Inspired by music and nature but, hey, who isn't?

Design | Illustrate | Web | Brands | SMM | I work worldwide, you can commission me at FB | Viber +7 928 613 13 66 | See my portfolio Be

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