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Art and other connected with it!

Architecture student

Interactive Director at Loaded For Bear / Co-Owner of Future-Everything / Producer of TEHKAL

Pictogram & Icon Designer based in Hamburg, Germany. Also sharing on www.pinterest.com/saschaelmers

Visual Designer at Waymo (Google Self-driving car) / http://instagram.com/grafik__

Big ambitions / Fresh Awards '12 Gold Winner / Team UK Graphic Design Ambassador WorldSkills London '11, Ranked 8th in World / AUCB 1st Cla

Senior Visual UX/UI Designer @ Intuit XD || Chief Brand Designer at Josey Records and Decks in the Park || Co-Producer of Black & Tan and Ro

True Hand Society | Instagram: @jessiejaytlp

designer & illustrator

Walker, Runner, Biker & Graphic Designer at Buddy Creative

Design + Founder of ONE Magazine www.onemag.us

creative director. product maker. typography admirer. designer of things. @briana.auel

husband, dad, designer, basketball lover

Hello! I'm senior design director at Swim, cofounder of Stack Prints, and purveyor of Duluth photography as Port City Supply.