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Love to Explore Design Based Stuff.

Founding Partner and Art Director for Baji Group. Music junkie, rescue-dog connoisseur and lover of simple pleasures.

I am a Graphic designer at Hatch in San Francisco and I run a blog about vintage modern Graphic design called No Barcode

Designer & Human

Interactive designer & developer from Switzerland.

creative director. product maker. typography admirer. designer of things. @briana.auel

Graphic Designer based in Paris Owner of :

Feel Desain is a blog magazine, daily updated with at least six new posts. Feel Desain offers a fresh insight into the emerging design scena ...|... @dave_mccall

Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer.

Designer and Illustrator at Dropbox.

Graphic designer at Rapha —

Masochistic tendencies involving a Mac and a swatch book, and loving it! (A profile where you'll find all things related to creativity whether it be digital, analogue or something else. Let's feed the eyeballs!)

i like stuff. there's also a lot of stuff i don't like.

Senior Visual UX/UI Designer @ Intuit XD || Chief Brand Designer at Josey Records and Decks in the Park || Co-Producer of Black & Tan and Ro