Sergi Delgado is an Artist and Art Director based in Barcelona. He craves typography and lettering projects. A warm-blooded resident of Barcelona, sometimes a nomad and always a "somiatruites". He takes inspiration from the mathematic algorithms found in nature, the Psychedelic, Surrealist, Oniric & Pop movements and Op Art's greatest tricks. He loves working in the field of music and dedicating time to cultural projects. Typography often forms the foundation of much of his work. A keen risk-taker, and multidisciplinary designer that experiments daily by combining images, textures and motion graphics. Let's work together!

Toronto Design Studio. Open all night.

Masochistic tendencies involving a Mac and a swatch book, and loving it! (A profile where you'll find all things related to creativity whether it be digital, analogue or something else. Let's feed the eyeballs!)