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Hello, my name is Setivi Colven. I live in Slough, a city in the United Kingdom. I am a professional blog writer. I write about human resource management. You can read my new articles about strategic resources by visiting my blog.

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Ezy Signin is a one-stop solution for all your workplace visitor management needs. From unexpected guests to regular visitors, you can keep a track of everyone who is visiting your place.

Design director of Rise Design Association from China.

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Hi to all! I'm Mary - designer and blogger. Also, I work as a freelance writer at several companies. I'm very communicative, positive and creative person. My hobbies: yoga and skiing.

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Hi, i am Alfaso from Edmonton, Canada. I love to do meditation and yoga. so professionally i am working as Yoga Instructor in Edmonton

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I'm a writer, journalist, blogger. I like to travel, open the world for myself and write about it. I admire art. Every picture is a separate story and an inimitable thing

Art director and designer currently based in New York.

Hi i am stephan, i am working as therapist at My hobbies are music, football, swimming and exploring new places.