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UI/UX Designer, Full-stack Developer

Document Scanning Inc - established in 2006 in India and USA. Dedicatedly involved in document scanning and conversion services, we have handled numerous projects in all these years.

Hey, I'm Radika Verma. I'm a writer living in Delhi, India. I am a fan of arts, reading, and innovation. I'm also interested in writing.

I am Cassandra Henson, working as a project manager & a blogger for websites. My hobbies are cooking and gardening.

Hey Everyone my name is robert cook from uk. i am working in div liquid company.

Once had a dream of researching fatback in Tampa, FL. Spent the better part of the 90's merchandising heroin in Deltona, FL. Garnered an ind

Spent several years selling tar with no outside help. Spent a weekend supervising the production of toy elephants for the government. Had mo

I am Richard and living in London with my family. I am professional artist and i i love art work. Art is my passion. My wife is the manager

- Graphic Design Coordinator: Ellus Jeans Deluxe - Onwer & Designer: Engrave Studio

Hi i am Liza from USA, i owned locksmith company in Washington DC. My hobbies are listing to music, swimming, clubbing, dancing etc.

What gets me going now is consulting about bathtub gin in Miami, FL. Spent 2002-2009 developing tobacco in Cuba. In 2009 I was promoting pup