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Graphic designer at Rapha —

Art director and multidisciplinary visual designer in New York City

i like stuff. there's also a lot of stuff i don't like.

Senior Visual UX/UI Designer @ Intuit XD || Chief Brand Designer at Josey Records and Decks in the Park || Co-Producer of Black & Tan and Ro

Big ambitions / Fresh Awards '12 Gold Winner / Team UK Graphic Design Ambassador WorldSkills London '11, Ranked 8th in World / AUCB 1st Cla

Graphic Designer.

Artist. Illustrator ...|... @dave_mccall

Art and other connected with it!

? … designer. researcher. educator. craftsman. adventurer. anthropologist. detective. czech. & curious human... 🌎+ 💬 ⏳+💡 🛠+ 🖥