From the archive. In-progress artwork (swipe for details) for the Ray Gun 53 (Goldie Cover) Masthead Page. Created on 27th Nov ‘97 at 12.15pm. I’ve never been quite sure why the editorial team (@deankuipers) referred to this inside page as ‘the masthead’ because I’ve always referred to the name of the magazine as it appears on the cover as ‘the masthead’? Anyway, the right side of this page (when completed) carried the names of everyone who worked on the magazine, and the left side was reserved for a half page ad. What you see here is work in progress - once this artwork was finished it was scanned in and the magazine info was typeset over it. For the design I printed out a bunch of varying weights of the magazine name/issue number in sans and then began to hack into the laser print with a scalpel, as well as layering over some‘sellotape rules’ and grabbing bits of type from other lasers and old magazines to paste in to the layout - this was a technique I’d used 3yrs earlier on the book ‘Interference’ and had become my absolute favourite method of working - I loved haw tactile it was. I first learned this method at York College Of Arts & Technology by my illustration tutor - Roger Hallam. Roger was a true one-of-a-kind and had a phenomenal impact on my subsequent approach to graphic design. This artwork sheet has got more yellow over time which as far as I’m concerned is always a good thing. #swissgrit #raygunmagazine #graphicdesign #design #type #typography #letraset #music #magazine #art #handmade #typographyinspired #typedaily #dailytype #typographic #typographicart #swisstype #swisstypography #swissdesign #typeinspire #typeinspired #graphicdesigner #graphicart #typographydesign #designinspiration #collage