C H I C E P T I O N v I ----- Stoked to finally showcase my latest collection, CHICEPTION. In addition to the obvious influence from the movie, Inception, I also wanted to pay homage to @19tones and his #prismagraphy work. Yes, prisms have already been used a lot, but my goal with these was to derive new creative prism applications by not only bouncing fractals onto a person/scene (as its prevalent usage in portraits), but also incorporating entire reflections specifically in urban/cityscape settings...in this case, my hometown of Chicago. Every shot featured in the collection are single takes edited only in Lightroom and with no use of Photoshop. Hope ya enjoy! ----- #CHICEPTION #AlphaCollective #BeAlpha ----- Sony A7RIII | Sony FE 70-200mm GM ISO 100 | f/5.6 | 1/800 sec by @phives