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I'm a designer. I create. I solve problems. I work everyday to make the world educated on what looks good. Oh, and I drink absurd amounts of

Diner aficionado. Obsessive kerner, Cat lady. Nerd. Not cool at all.

Toronto Design Studio. Open all night.

Multi-disciplinary graphic designer — specialising in brand identity, art direction & design.

Creative Strategist and Designer working in New York.

Designer // Illustrator // Co-founder of F&L Co.

Graphic Designer, SVA MFA Design 2014

Art director and multidisciplinary visual designer in New York City

Graphic designer at Rapha —

Masochistic tendencies involving a Mac and a swatch book, and loving it!

i like stuff. there's also a lot of stuff i don't like.

Carlos Becerra is a mexican Graphic Designer and Illustrator, inveterate drawer, amateur photographer, used writer, cinephile, gamer in his

I am me and that is all!

Artist. Illustrator

Creative /Design Director and Designer based in London.