Shura Foight

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Hello there! You can call me Scrib. I'm a designer & illustrator. I create because I was made in the image of the Creator.

Art Director / Illustrator

Big ambitions / Fresh Awards '12 Gold Winner / Team UK Graphic Design Ambassador WorldSkills London '11, Ranked 8th in World / AUCB 1st Cla

Senior Visual UX/UI Designer @ Intuit XD || Chief Brand Designer at Josey Records and Decks in the Park || Co-Producer of Black & Tan and Ro

graphic designer based in New York

Graphic Design & Art Direction

Designer // Illustrator // Co-founder of F&L Co.

Graphic Designer, SVA MFA Design 2014

Art director and multidisciplinary visual designer in New York City

Masochistic tendencies involving a Mac and a swatch book, and loving it! (A profile where you'll find all things related to creativity whether it be digital, analogue or something else. Let's feed the eyeballs!)

Designer and Illustrator at Dropbox.

Creative Strategist and Designer working in New York.

Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer.

I am me and that is all!

Interactive Director at Loaded For Bear / Co-Owner of Future-Everything / Producer of TEHKAL