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How to Turn Your Android into an Electronic Babysitter? The Problem: In my old house there was only one room and for this reason my children, my wife and I shared the space. This really was no problem being that they were very small and the bed and the cradle occupied very little space. Not to mention the peace that this brought me because I was always scared to death that one of them (particularly the youngest one) would choke and I would not be able to hear him (there were a few close calls when he was younger and I am now apparently traumatized). But time passed and it came time to move to a bigger house with two bedrooms by virtue of the numbers. But this constant concern never left me and forced me to, from time to time, to go take a peek in the room of the little ones. This obviously destroyed my sleeping routine and caused me to be so fatigued that even the loud cries of my little guy didn't even phase me. So what now? Should I leave my bedroom and transform our children's room into a community sleeping quarters? Or should I simply disregard my concern? Practically Android Solution: It is my pleasure to inform you that you have to do neither! Your beloved little Android will help you keep tabs on your also beloved little babies through and app called Baby Monitor, that turns your Android into an electronic babysitter! The babysitter uses your Android's microphone to capture the sounds in the child's room and if the noise levels exceed a predetermined configured level the application will actually sends an sms text message or (for heavy sleepers like myself) make an actual phone call. You should spend a good amount of time configuring the noise level trigger. Otherwise you may receive alerts due to any random sound or simply from the baby's sleeping breaths. So, it is necessary to have two phones, one with the Android application installed and armed, and any other to serve as an alarm (this could even be a land line phone). So as soon as one of the babies starts crying the app will be set off and it will send you the alarm. Simple and efficient. Not to mention that you don't have to buy extra equipment. If you already have your Android and any other phone you're good to go! And the best part is that being that this alarm system is based on telephony, it doesn't matter how far away the monitor device is from the alarm device. It simply will always work. Apart from all that coolness, you can configure the app to snap a picture every time the noise level triggers the alarm. I found this super useful for parents who work all day and leave their child at the care of someone else at home. So if the baby were to cry, the app will not only call you but send you a picture so you can see how the baby is doing. Now, if a super cool electronic baby sitter app that function sans distance limits wasn't enough, the app will actually track the sleep patterns of your little one which helps control the child's routine and see if he/she's sleeping more or less than usual, which is important to detect any health or psychological problems. And for first-time moms and dads, the app also has a full library of tips on how to improve the quality of life for for your baby. These range from quality sleep to proper nutrition, and how to adapt to living with parents. It definitely is worth checking it out! And you can add a super useful widget to the home page of your Android to make your life easier when you are undertaking the task of getting to know the app. Final Thoughts: First of all I must make it clear that the Baby Monitor application is NOT a substitute for the supervision and care of a responsible adult, but it does in fact help to monitor and take better care, in other words, it is just a tool! But what a tool it is! It detects noises and call you when something exceeds the standard noise level you set, and if necessary sends you a picture. The app still keeps a record of the baby's sleep patter to help you keep control and even gives you tips on how to improve the quality of life of babies. Now, all that is left to do is to just get back to quieter (and more secure) nights with now that Baby Monitor app will help you have your ear propped up against the cradle from the comfort of your own bed in the other room.  

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